I'm Daniel-a Copenhagen based interactive developer with over a decade of experience. I started my career when Flash was the hottest name in town, and everything needed some tweening. I’ve toned down my animation style since, but my desire to make things pop still remain.

  • React
  • Gatsby
  • GraphQL
  • Expo
  • React Native
  • PixiJS
  • Contentful
  • Prismic
  • Netlify
  • GraphCMS
  • Webflow
  • Typescript
  • Vue.js
Inpay, Ö, Velux Group, Hello Great Works, Netgen, IDna Group, Headlight, Kiosk, Founders, Codan ⨉ Ældresagen, HelloGreatWorks
Daniel J. Mierzwinski
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Daniel J. Mierzwinski
+45 71 70 71 23