Navigating in layers, widgets, and darkmode

In close collaboration with the designers at DWARF, I helped make their new website come to life. Structuring the pages in layers and making sure the pages could be accessed through the URL, in multiple languages, made this a technically challenging project. All of this was topped with lots of features such as; a contact module showing peoples online status on Slack, the most recently played Spotify track and darkmade based on opening- and closing hours. Definitely a fun project to be a part of.

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I coded the project

Alone in a team

NuxtJSTailwind CSSVue.jsPrismic
Layered pages
The site structure stacks in multiple layers with pages and modals that can be accessed directly from the addressbar. The pages and modals are pieced together in various ways, through the Prismic CMS.
Widgets was a big part of the website and gave me an opportunity to get my hands dirty with Nuxt serverMiddleware.
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